Notes on Healing;

Before, During & Aftercare.


If you are reading this, it means you have made the decision to seek support - it also means you are self aware and that it the first step of healing!

Although some wish to experience energy healing for its incredible relaxing and rebalancing qualities or find a means by which to develop their spiritual awareness, Reiki, EFT & sound or past life healing are potent modalities to really journey within and heal on a deep level.  

Healing is by no means linear; sometimes it feels as if you have taken two steps forward then one back. Then 50 steps forwards, and 20 back. From my experience of treating others and from my own life path I can say healing is like a spiral. There are big swoops, ups and downs, and then you realise after some time you become better equipped to deal with the ebb and flow. We can say that chaos is part of the destruction process necessary in order to reach a place of surrender and stillness. It clears the way for new, exciting things. But life does throw surprises at us - just when we have recovered from one issue, another can pop up. Healing can be perpetual and with the right ongoing support we can overcome our obstacles and reach a place of resolution and peace. 

As individuals we all heal at our own pace. The most important thing is to be committed to your wellbeing. With your commitment, I will hold space for you to heal - I like to also equip those I'm working with with tools for their self care toolkit so they can carry themselves forward and onwards. 


Although I do offer one-off Reiki treatments I love to offer blocks of 5 sessions because even though after one session there will be a shift, the more sessions you have, the deeper inwards you will go and the more profound the change will be. 

Energy healing is a detoxification process; it is extremely important to stay well hydrated after Reiki, EFT & sound healing. Water will support you in detoxifying not just your physical body, but your emotional state too.

On occasion, (certainly not always), people can experience a 'healing crisis'. This is when there has been a shift and we suddenly feel that our emotions are heightened. Think of a wound in its healing stages; it will weep, scab over, and when that scab itself diminishes and heals it can feel slightly uncomfortable. If you experience a healing crisis please remember you are not creating the pain, it is a sign that the pain is leaving you. I offer my clients some soothing distance Reiki on the odd occasion a healing crisis occurs. 

Please also note that it is advisable to refrain from the intake of alcohol for at least 24 (if not 48!) hours prior to a treatment. 

If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them. Simply shoot me an email.