One to One or Remote Reiki treatments; 

~1 hour Reiki session including chakra balancing and soundbath or intention & manifestation work ~ £60 

~40 minutes of pure Reiki bliss ~ £40

~Remote healing ~ £40 

~Intention & manifestation Reiki - asking the universe for something or breaking behavioural patterns & cycles ~ £30 

All initial appointments are for one hour to allow time for an in depth consultation. During a Reiki treatment the practitioner will place their hands on or over energy centres in the body or wherever imbalances or blockages are intuitively sensed. Reiki, which translates as universal life force, then flows from the hands of the practitioner. This stimulates the body's ability to self heal and begins a detoxification process or in other words, healing.  Reiki is a natural and non invasive healing modality. We are made up of muscle and bone yet equally of subtle electrical energies and an energy field also known as an aura. When blockages build up in the energy system, emotional or physical pain occurs. Reiki treats a person on a cellular, energetic level and brings real transformation and lasting positive change. 

Reiki Treatment


If you are looking for an investment into your wellbeing and want to mark a new chapter of your life this experience is it! This 3 to 4 hour immersive experience will leave you feeling accomplished, empowered and connected. It's a mini retreat for the soul. We'll set our intentions for the journey and walk mindfully across the urban wilds. We'll gather nature's offerings to make a mandala honouring the seasons of life. We'll seek out herds of deer and pause for a cup of herbal tea and a nutritious snack. The experience also includes a healing woodland Reiki or EFT tapping session. Tree hugging and 'earthing' may be involved! This is an opportunity to mark a new chapter of your life or heal from something you've been holding onto with the help of energy medicine and Mother Nature. The Urban Wilds Soul Retreat is for individuals or pairs. Please bring warm weather proof clothing, suitable walking boots / shoes, a bottle of water and an open heart. 

*Weekdays only from 10am - 2pm* £120


Babies and infants can benefit greatly from Reiki treatments, and in turn so do their families. Little ones are so amazingly receptive to energy healing in their purity. Reiki offers comfort and thus reduces crying or fussing in a way that quietens the house and calms distraught parents.

Reiki can help restlessness and discomfort in babies and infants from complaints such as teething, colic or reflux, and hastens recovery from the stress and trauma of birth.

Reiki helps to restore harmony and a healthy flow of energy. 

Reiki can be given while simply holding the baby, or given by distance which is the recommended method for fragile babies & premmies. Treatments for little ones may only last for 10 – 20 minutes depending on need and response. Reiki can also be lovingly transferred to the baby’s blanket, teddy, bed or sleepwear to encourage sleep. It is a gentle and safe holistic treatment which gives Mum and Dad a much needed helping hand.

The transition to parenthood can be overwhelming and you may find that contrary to expectation it’s not all love and cuddles. Your body changes. Deep seated issues may arise, old emotional wounds may open up. You may feel isolated, even helpless at times. The lack of sleep and constant focus can be so utterly exhausting.

Reiki can aid this transition and give new new Mum’s and mums-to-be much needed healing on so many levels ~ physically, emotionally and spiritually.

From easing the aches and pains of pregnancy, to the emotional rollercoaster that transition brings, Reiki is a safe and comforting holistic treatment which can help you through the process.

Children Up to 30 minutes ~ £30 

Pre or Post Natal Reiki (40 minutes) ~ £40

Newborn Baby Foot


Using a combination of 432Hz quartz crystal singing bowls, chimes, shamanic drum, rattle & vocal toning, sound will further enhance your healing journey by regenerating on a cellular level. 

432Hz is the perfect vibrational frequency, true to the mathematical patterns of the universe and the earth's electromagnetic heartbeat. It communicates to and repairs the crystalline structures within our DNA. 

Drumming and rattling induces change and offers a point of focus for those who struggle to find stillness. It clears stagnant energy and induces bilateral stimulation allowing us to gently process and truely heal. 

Paired with light meditation, sound sessions may be an added onto other treatments such as Reiki or EFT tapping, or solely alone as a blissfully soothing hour for yourself, or for a group. 

30 or 60 minutes ~ please enquire directly. 


Reiki treatments work just as effectively when given from a distance. A treatment can be sent to anyone, anywhere at any time! I have clients all around the world who receive remote healing. Distance treatments have their very own set of benefits; it removes reason to feel self conscious so the receiver becomes more relaxed and open to healing. It can be a powerful and restorative experience and receivers report feelings of comfort and relief.

40 minutes with consultation before and after ~ £40 

Yoga at Home


This package is for those who want to invite real change into their lives.  

We will plan 5 sessions tailored to your needs, to be carried out over 5 weeks minimum. Starting with an in depth consultation and intention setting, we'll aim to find the root cause of a problem or  unwanted behaviour, use drumming therapy and nature immersion, a special Reiki release session and will end with a restful recovery treatment ~ £300.

Booking online will enable you to book your initial intention setting session, we'll then book in your future sessions together. 

Holding Hands


EFT tapping is an effective way to overcome any emotional or physical problems caused by blockages or stagnant energy. This healing modality uses gentle tapping on acupressure points to treat any complaint from physical pain, anxiety, headaches, emotional upset to working through trauma and phobia. It resets the nervous system, lowers the stress hormone cortisol, communicates to the amygdala (the part of our brain which screams danger) that all is well and restores a healthy energetic flow. EFT clears subconscious blockages allowing you to go further and achieve your goals! Several treatments are recommended to work through all aspects of a problem. 

Treatments can be done on a one to one basis in person or via Zoom. Group sessions also available. 



Runes offer inside and guidance into any situation. Their wisdom in unlimited, their origins ancient. I have been reading runes for 22 years, they're my oracle of choice and one which I feel an extremely strong connection with. 

My readings happen remotely; we'll have a consultation where you'll provide me with your questions. After I'll cast the runes in a state of trance and send you my findings, photos and detailed intuitive interpretation.

2 quest reading ~ £40

Coffee reading is the beautiful art of tasseography, popular in the eastern Mediterranean. It involves interpreting grainy symbols left in a person's coffee cup using symbolic sight to offer guidance and insight into one's life. This can only be done face to face, for individuals or groups. Please contact me to arrange - this can be done as an add on to other services too. 

30 - 45 mins - £40



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