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A heartfelt welcome to Reiki+Rocks. I’m Alexia, a holistic practitioner based in west London with energy medicine and reconnection at the core of what I do.

I’m so happy you’re here.


In the light of recent global events here is an update:

**I am temporarily closing my diary for 1 to 1 Reiki services however open for distance healing, guided EFT tapping and rune readings - the beauty of this is I can offer healing and guidance globally at any time!! Please contact me for bookings. 

**I have a schedule of ongoing weekly group sessions on Instagram LIVE, open to all!

Wellness Wednesdays 9:30pm GMT - Guided tapping & sound medicine to fight fear & anxiety. 

Saturday Candlelight Bliss 9:30 GMT - Relax, awaken the heart & heal the holistic way with breath & sound. 

Although these are free sessions, I am also welcoming donations - PayPal link on Instagram Bio. 

**The Sacred Sister Circle Dancing & Soundbath event has been postponed to a later date - keep tuned. 

 The Coronavirus situation will affect us all in some way, emotionally, financially or physically. Distance healing is the perfect antidote to rising fear, crippling anxiety, general feelings of imbalance and physical complaints. It offers comfort and works beautifully along side any other therapy or treatment plan. It accelerates the healing process - and yes, even at a distance!

Please read on for further information, diary availability and testimonials.

I am a holistic practitioner offering Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), distance healing treatments, Rune readings and sound medicine - the beauty of this is that I can treat people and do readings globally! I also offer weekday Urban Wilds Soul Retreats, an immersive 3 hour wellbeing experience for individuals or pairs on the edge of the city which will leave you feeling empowered, accomplished and connected. Please see list of services or contact me if you have any questions. 











What is Reiki?

Reiki is a beautifully gentle yet effective complementary therapy which when used alone or as part of a treatment plan sees a significant improvement in dis-ease and recovery. Reiki balances the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the self. It works on an energetic level and is truly transformational with an endless list of benefits. It’s an exciting time as with new scientific findings on the effects of Reiki and a collective shift calling for a deeper level of healing and true connection, Reiki brings exactly that ~ a profound and valuable natural energy based medicine. Reiki brings lasting positive change. 


What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping is another energy based healing modality. It combines cognitive restructuring with tapping on the meridians and acupressure points to aid the release of blockages, stress and trapped emotions. It is found the regulate the central nervous system and calms the amygdala (the part of your brain which screams danger; traumatic events leave an imprint here and its the part responsible for making you feel triggered). EFT is suitable for all types of issues from pain, unbalanced emotions, phobias, and trauma - each aspect of a problem is worked through and by tapping it out we can achieve amazing results. 


Aside from these two powerful healing modalities, I also use elements of sound (drum medicine, crystal singing bowls and chimes), mindfulness, grounding & artistic self expression to enhance overall wellbeing in a gentle, empathetic, natural and transformative sense. My missions is to enable others to feel held, loved, heard and healed. 

Please see my list of offerings for further information. 


“...her powers of intuition and the accuracy of her insights have rendered me speechless on many occasions. John, Finsbury Park

"...she is super welcoming and nurturing - the Reiki session was an eye opening experience and together with her guidance it has helped me a lot in the next steps of my journey" Merita, Hammersmith 


The Reiki sessions are extremely relaxing and the severity and duration of anxiety attacks have reduced dramatically.” Sam, Notting Hill (Distance treatments)


“My Reiki treatment from Alexia was calming, deeply relaxing and the effects were long lasting.” Joanna, South Kensington


To my surprise she was even able to see things related to my thoughts and give me guidance. I can genuinely recommend her treatments as they are calming and reassuring.” Justyna, London


Alexia is very gifted, I would highly recommend this practitioner.” Sasha, Chelsea