A heartfelt welcome to Reiki+Rocks. I’m Alex, a Reiki Master & Teacher, holistic practitioner, rune caster  & writer based in west London with energy healing, self integration & re-connection at the core of what I do.

 I’m so happy you’re here.

*PLEASE NOTE Following government advice and directive from the Reiki Federation, in-person treatments will recommence after the 12th April. Until then I continue to offer remote Reiki healing, online Reiki 1 & 2 courses, virtual EFT tapping (emotional alchemy) & rune guidance readings.

Contact me directly for availability or use the booking form here.* 


*Healing hands of your very own; LEARN REIKI! New dates for Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 courses announced!

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Welcome again! I'm a holistic healer & co-founder of wellbeing platform House of Healing Arts. I offer Reiki treatments and training (Eastern & Western lineage), ReikiScience, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping therapy / emotional alchemy), Sound Therapy (432Hz quartz crystal bowls, chimes & drumming), 4 week transformational self development programs, Past Life Healing, remote healing treatments & Rune castings for individuals & groups - the beauty of this is that I can work with people on a global level! I also offer Urban Wilds Soul Retreats, an immersive 3 to 4 hour guided walk for individuals or pairs on the edge of the city which will leave you feeling empowered, accomplished & reconnected. Using one or a combination of these incredible energy healing modalities combined with mindful living & the principals of Shadow Work, my calling is to hold space for others & empower them to self integrate & heal on a deep soul level. Please see list of services for more info or contact me if you have any questions. 











What is Reiki?

Reiki is a beautifully gentle yet effective complementary therapy which when used alone or as part of a treatment plan sees a significant improvement in dis-ease and recovery. Reiki balances the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the self by restoring a healthy flow of life force energy. It works on an energetic level and is truly transformational with an endless list of benefits. It’s an exciting time as with new scientific findings on the effects of Reiki and a collective shift calling for a deeper level of healing and connection, Reiki brings exactly that ~ a profound and valuable natural energy based medicine. Reiki brings lasting positive change. Learn Reiki with me.


What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping is another energy based healing modality and is known as a sort of psychological acupressure. I call it Emotional Alchemy! It combines cognitive restructuring with tapping on the meridians and acupressure points to aid the release of energy blockages and trapped emotions. It is found the regulate the central nervous system, lower cortisol (the stress hormone) and calms the amygdala; the part of your brain responsible for making us feel triggered. It brings you back home to yourself, is an effective tool for grounding and brings instant calm. EFT also clears subconscious blockages by reprogramming information in the brain - this enables us to go so much further than we've ever dreamed of by overcoming obstacles & resistance. 

EFT is suitable for all types of issues from physical pain, unbalanced emotions and grief to phobias, trauma release  and severing unhealthy attachments - each aspect of a problem is worked through and by tapping it out we can achieve instant results. 

What are the Runes?

The runes are an ancient oracular alphabet hailing from Germanic tribes of Northern Europe and are used for purposes of divination. The runes offer guidance, healing and symbolic sight. The have the potential to elevate perspective & transform lives. They have a habit of getting to the root cause of an issue & offer an accurate picture of what the future holds. They help to steer us through our troubles.  I have worked with the runes for over 20 years, & I am entering a new phase of practising Seidr, Shamanism of the Northern tradition. My castings offer a one year outlook in two areas of your life. When I cast the runes, I will connect with your energy, consult them on your behalf, enter into trance and write up your findings with the help of my spirit tribe. (Castings are carried out remotely).








What is Sound Therapy?

When we are content our energy vibrates in its normal peaceful state. When disruption occurs through trauma, injury or emotional upheaval we enter a state of dis-ease. Using resonance & rhythm we can realign & re-balance our energy & reprocess information stored in the subconscious mind, thus 'let it go'. Sound therapy is not limited to the frequencies our ears perceive; using 432hz crystal bowls (the miracle tone of nature itself), vocal toning and drumming, sound vibrations penetrate our bodies - we 'feel' it'- and this not only restores our energetic flow, but heals us on a cellular & molecular level. 

Why Urban Wilds Wellness Walks?

Aside from the many proven physical & emotional benefits of spending time in nature, walking induces bilateral stimulation, (where we use both sides of the brain) - this helps reprocess information & we are able to actively heal. Paired with intention, energy healing & forest bathing (the art of Shinrin Yoku) these walks are a moving meditation & designed as a transformative healing experience.

What is Past Life Healing?

Past Life Healing is not only about delving into our soul's history, but drawing awareness & bringing light to themes or patterns which affect our life right now. By understanding these on a deeper soul level, we journey into the self with light hypnosis, explore your soul's purpose & alleviate soul weariness. In exploring past lives we bring fulfilment & wider insight into who you really are. Past Life Healing is not merely a tool to explore past existences, it is a means of bringing healing and resolve to this lifetime too. 

Aside from these powerful therapies, I also run group healing events &n workshops, & use divination to enhance overall health & wellbeing in a gentle, empathetic & transformative sense.

My mission is to enable others to feel held, heard, loved & healed. 

Please see my list of offerings for further information. 


“...her powers of intuition and the accuracy of her insights have rendered me speechless on many occasions. John, Finsbury Park

"...she is super welcoming and nurturing - the Reiki session was an eye opening experience and together with her guidance it has helped me a lot in the next steps of my journey" Merita, Hammersmith 


The Reiki sessions are extremely relaxing and the severity and duration of anxiety attacks have reduced dramatically.” Sam, Notting Hill (Distance treatments)


“My Reiki treatment from Alex was calming, deeply relaxing and the effects were long lasting.” Joanna, South Kensington


To my surprise she was even able to see things related to my thoughts and give me guidance. I can genuinely recommend her treatments as they are calming and reassuring.” Justyna, London


Alex is very gifted, I would highly recommend her.” Sasha, Chelsea





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