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A heartfelt welcome, I'm so happy you're here.
I’m Alexandra, an international CNHC registered Reiki Master/Teacher, wellness practitioner, seasoned intuitive, author and artist based in west London.
Re-connection to the true self, to the world around us and finding deeper meaning is central to my work.

My mission is to help others feel held, heard & whole in a safe, trauma aware environment.

It is my great pleasure to announce that my book,

Karasu Reiki: The Transformational Healing Power of Crow in Theory and Practice

is out in paperback and Kindle edition! It topped the charts to become the

#1 bestseller in the Magic and Alchemy category of Amazon. 

Order your copy here. 

I offer remote Reiki healing sessions, EFT coaching, certified Usui Reiki practitioner training combining Eastern & Western lineages, (Levels 1, 2 & 3 in London and Hove), an online Udemy course for Reiki practitioners, Space Clearing, Energy Consultations & intuitive development workshops for individuals or groups.

I take a transpersonal and integrative approach to my work, and include psychotherapeutic tools and techniques acquired through the study of sound therapy, hypnotherapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing).

I combine healing work with years of experience as a property consultant and Independent Advocate for vulnerable adults to provide a truly safe space

Reiki has many translations, among them universal life force energy, sacred life and the more archaic expression, 'numinous atmosphere'. Reiki is a complementary holistic healing technique and for practitioners, it is also a spiritual path. 

I have also worked with runes, an ancient Northern European oracle, for almost three decades and offered insight & guidance to others, subsequently following a path of Seidr, shamanism of the Northern Tradition.

I have also undergone life-long study and practice of mystical and esoteric traditions including (and not limited to) tasseography (coffee reading), lithomancy (stone reading), ornithomancy (wisdom of birds) and psychometry (measuring the spirit - or energy - of an object/place/photo). 

I'm a seeker of nature's wisdom and symbolic sight, and believe it is found through mindful immersion, reconnection to life force energy and by reawakening the mythic mind - a world rich in symbolism.

My work ultimately weaves holistic wellbeing, self expression and ancient wisdom together. 

I have a wonderful portfolio of clients for events and collaborations including Alternatives, The Mandrake Hotel, House of Wisdom Studios, Hastens, Wanderlust, Witches Magazine, The Reiki Academy, Spirit & Destiny Magazine, Otherness & The Kind Festival.



**My course for Reiki practitioners of any level, Reiki Revival; Level Up Your Reiki Practice is now available on Udemy** Rekindle your love for Reiki, deepen the connection to your True Self and gain the confidence to share Reiki with others. 

To learn with me visit my course page, to heal with me please see my list of healing services or check out my published written work and artwork.  


Click here to order books Falling From Glass Bridges and Karasu Reiki: The Transformational Healing Power of Crow in Theory and Practice 


Click Here for Journals / Notebooks including Reiki Treatment Journal and Divination Journal.

Click here to learn about my made-to-order magical creation, Crow Ritual Blessing Spray


- Testimonials -
"A really powerful distance reiki session with Alex led me to choosing to learn and begin with Reiki 1. An amazing experience. Alex is really skilled and creates such a wonderful environment to learn and practice. Will be coming back for my second course!"
Bailey, Kensington

“...her powers of intuition and the accuracy of her insights have rendered me speechless on many occasions. 
John, Finsbury Park

"...she is super welcoming and nurturing - it was an eye opening experience and together with her guidance it has helped me a lot in the next steps of my journey" 
Merita, Hammersmith 
“Remote Reiki sessions are extremely relaxing and the severity and duration of my anxiety attacks have reduced dramatically.
Sam, Notting Hill

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