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REIKI - In-Person Treatments 


In-Person Reiki session including chakra balancing, aura cleanse & soothing crystalline sound medicine 60 Minutes £75

Remote Reiki session (Consultation before and after. Reiki carried out entirely remotely, not over Zoom) 45 minutes £50

~ Reiki training - Certified Usui Reiki, levels 1, 2 and Mastery. 

Please see the TRAINING PAGE for more details on certified practitioner training, Reiki refreshers or intuitive development workshops with me. 

All appointments include a consultation period before and after the treatment. During a Reiki treatment I place hands on or over energy centres in the body (the chakras) or wherever imbalances or blockages are intuitively sensed. Reiki, which translates as universal life force, then flows. This stimulates the body's ability to self heal and begins a detoxification process or in other words, healing.


Reiki is a natural and non invasive healing modality. We are made up of muscle and bone yet equally of subtle electrical energies and an energy field also known as an aura. When blockages build up in the energy system, emotional or physical pain occurs. Reiki treats a person on a cellular, energetic level & brings profound transformation and lasting positive change

Distance Reiki treatments have their very own set of benefits; it removes any reason to feel self-conscious so the receiver becomes deeply relaxed and open to healing. It can be a powerful and restorative experience and receivers report feeling waves of comfort, resolve, rest and relief.

All that is required is that you to recline and relax at a prearranged time, with a short consultation both before and after the treatment. No video call necessary.



Energy healing for your home or work space. 

Clear stagnant energies and attachments or imprints of previous owners or of upsetting emotional events and invite in harmony and flow. 


We begin by understanding your need or concerns. Then using a mix of Reiki, sound vibration and ritual I will work to clear your surroundings. This is a beautiful, ritualistic way of welcoming in a new phase and giving you peace of mind in order to live or work with increased vitality and calm. 

I also give you advice and tips on how to maintain those high vibes and attract more of what you desire using the principles of the Law of Attraction.


(Don't worry, I will not be wafting sage around!)

This offering also calls upon years of experience working in the property industry where successful portfolios have been built on my intuitive work. 


2 hour session, £160 

London only. 



In-person session: basic EFT coaching, therapeutic grounding techniques and a full Reiki session - 90 minutes £120

Online EFT workshop: guided EFT coaching and therapeutic grounding techniques - 60 Minutes £75

EFT is an effective quick fix for any emotional or physical stumbling blocks you may encounter. Tapping on acupressure points while holding a specific problem in mind clears energetic blockages and restores a healthy flow of energy - it is used to help us overcome a multitude of complaints and to untether ourselves from subconscious self limiting beliefs. It also lowers cortisol, the stress hormone, communicates to the brain that all is well, resets the central nervous system and induces a state of bilateral stimulation, where thoughts become more fluid and less fixated. 


You will leave with self healing tools at your fingertips, for life! 



Babies and infants can benefit greatly from Reiki treatments, and in turn so do their families. Little ones are so amazingly receptive to energy healing in their purity. Reiki offers comfort and thus reduces crying or fussing in a way that quietens the house and calms distraught parents.

Reiki can help restlessness and discomfort in babies and infants from complaints such as teething, colic or reflux, and hastens recovery from the stress and trauma of birth.

Reiki helps to restore harmony and a healthy flow of energy. 

Reiki can be given while simply holding the baby, or given by distance which is the recommended method for fragile babies & premmies. Treatments for little ones may only last for 10 – 20 minutes depending on need and response. Reiki can also be lovingly transferred to the baby’s blanket, teddy, bed or sleepwear to encourage sleep. It is a gentle and safe holistic treatment which gives Mum and Dad a much needed helping hand.

The transition to parenthood can be overwhelming and you may find that contrary to expectation it’s not all love and cuddles. Your body changes. Deep seated issues may arise, old emotional wounds may open up. You may feel isolated, even helpless at times. The lack of sleep and constant focus can be so utterly exhausting.

Reiki can aid this transition and give new new Mum’s and mums-to-be much needed healing on so many levels ~ physically, emotionally and spiritually.

From easing the aches and pains of pregnancy, to the emotional rollercoaster that transition brings, Reiki is a safe and comforting holistic treatment which can help you through the process.

Children & Babies (Remotely, up to 30 minutes) ~ £30 

Mamas Pre or Postnatal Reiki (In-person or remotely, 60 minutes) ~ £75



Runes offer insight & guidance into any situation. Their wisdom is unlimited, their origins ancient. I have been casting runes for 25 years, they've become a language of guidance, a language which I feel an extremely strong connection with. 

My readings happen remotely; we'll have a consultation where you'll provide me with an area of concern. After I'll cast the runes in a state of trance & send you my findings, photos and detailed intuitive interpretation. Please be aware that although we will have arranged a time & date for the casting to happen, your findings may arrive back to you up to 72 hours later. This is sacred work - and initial findings can be cryptic and symbolic.  

2023 Forecast £80

I also offer personalised bindrune artwork - working collaboratively, combining aspects of the self, your journey or a specific event you'd like to honour, I will create a bindrune for you. They tend to be medicinal in their essence, aiding self actualisation and leading to healing and empowerment. I will contact you after booking to understand your needs. You bindrune will arrive back to you as a PDF image. Please check out my Instagram page for examples @reiki_and_rocks

Personalised Bindrune £50



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