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Crow Ritual Blessing Spray

The Transformative Spirit of Crow | Vision, Clarity, Wayfinder, Guide 

An alchemic marriage of Geranium, Scots Pine, Bay, Birch Tar, Juniper, Atlas Cedar and Rose with pure Witch Hazel and crystalline waters from Holywell, Eastbourne.  



Crow is one of our oldest friends; tales of allyship are found in myth, scripture, parables and folktales from around the world since humankind's earliest writings. Crow is an intermediary between the heavens and the earth, a messenger of enlightenment, aid to deities and a keeper of life's mysteries. It is certain that at times of profound change Crow is in the periphery, signalling change and guiding us forwards. 

Crow embodies vision, transformation, alchemy and purification. This hand crafted ritual blessing spray is inspired by and invokes their mystical spirit. It speaks of iridescent feathers, liminal spaces and the flight of the all-seeing crow. 

The word 'blessing' comes from that Old English bletsian rooted in blot ( blood), or Blot, a ritual to mark or consecrate with blood, a Heathen practice of the Northern peoples. The meaning was influenced by the Latin, benedicere, to praise or worship and later by association with bliss.

Blessing also means to heal, to be hallowed, to become whole and to reveal what is hidden - and it is Crow who leads us inwards towards trance like states to retrieve information from within. 

Made with ethically sourced essentials oils of Geranium, Scots Pine, Juniper, Bay, smoky Birch Tar with Atlas Cedar and a touch of Rose, pure Witch Hazel and crystalline waters from the Holywell in Eastbourne, this alchemic blend lends woody aromas, floral top notes, sacred woodland smoke and a hint of spice. 

Spray around your personal space as a ritual of enhancing inner vision, clarity, focus & heart connection. Especially potent before inner journeying, intuitive and self-healing work. 

Vegan, ethically sourced, hand crafted in small batches and charged with Karasu Reiki, this creation is a result of years of dedication and exploration of working with the spirit of Crow. Store away from direct sunlight and shake before use. 

50ml / £24

(UK First Class postage only)


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