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Usui Reiki 1 & 2 | Intuitive Workshops


I love teaching Reiki in an intimate setting. This is because we're all at different points on our healing & spiritual journeys; we arrive at Reiki for different reasons & coaching on a 1:1 basis means the focus is entirely on you & relevant to your path.


The courses below are on a 1:1 basis, or for friends / couples who wish to journey the Reiki path together.


I can tailor your Reiki course to your needs & the focus on you also allows room for all the questions you may have. For example you may have arrived at Reiki because you would like to incorporate it into your family life. Or you may want to add it onto existing healing modalities. You may simply want to learn Reiki as a self help tool. You may not even know why you want to learn Reiki but feel called to do so. 


I'll guide you with your specific needs along side the traditional teachings of both Usui Shiki Ryoho (Western style Reiki) & Usui Reiki Ryoho (Eastern style Reiki). 

Lineage on both sides can be traced back to Mikao Usui, the founder of the system of Reiki. 

Course manuals given & certification gained. On completion of the Reiki 2 course students may obtain insurance to practice professionally. 

Courses based in West London near Earls Ct / High St Kensington, water, tea, coffee, a light lunch and fruit is provided. 



Reiki 1 - Shoden; The Opening

5 hour, 1 day course - Walk away with healing hands of your own to use on yourself, friends, family & situations.  

Learn about the history and context of the system of Usui Reiki.

Understand what Reiki is and what it means for those who receive treatments.

Learn about energy centres and subtle energetic bodies (the tanden points, the chakra system, the auric field). 

The Reiki principles - Reiki as a way of life. 

Learn how to cleanse, connect, self heal, give treatments to others and about aftercare. 

4 attunements


In-Person / Weekdays from 10am - 3pm


Reiki 2 - Okuden; The Deepening

5 hour, 1 day course - begin to expand your Reiki practice & learn how to send Reiki remotely to anyone, anywhere!

Go deeper into the system and philosophies of Reiki, learn about the three sacred symbols we use to strengthen practice and direct healing to a specific problem. 

Learn about sending Reiki over a distance and about the Quantum take on the time space continuum. 

Intuitive methods - body scanning, asking spirit for guidance, learning to trust your intuition.  

The healing process - what to expect 

Holding a safe space & trauma awareness 

Reiki as a professional path 

1 Reiki attunement 



In-Person/Weekdays from 10am - 3pm


Reiki Refresher Course

This is the course for Reiki practitioners levels 1 or 2 who want to reignite their passion for hands-on / remote Reiki.

You may want to learn the teachings from the Eastern or Western lineages, to delve deeper into an area specific which remains obscure & to gain insight into running your own professional business. You may want to also further understand the healing process or explore your intuitive powers. 

Includes Reiju - A Reiki blessing


In Person: Weekdays from 10am - 2pm

Virtual: Weekdays from 10am - 2pm or Saturdays from 12pm - 4pm 


Intuitive Development Workshop 

How to go further in your healing, meditation or divination practice by enhancing trust in your intuition. 

Understanding the root cause of our self doubt & self limiting beliefs & learning simple clearing techniques  

Empaths & Highly Sensitive People - how to use your intuition for healing without becoming personally affected.

Intuition - distinguishing between the subtle voice of intuition, assumptions & projections.

The mind, body, spirit connection - emotional root causes of physical pain

Practical methods for enhancing intuition including scanning, psychometry, speaking without thought. 

Spirit work; dispelling fear

Interpreting symbols & delivering messages

(This course is open to everyone, this is not a Reiki based course)


In-Person/Weekdays from 10am - 2pm


Working in line with the Reiki Federation & with Gov advice I adhere to Covid safety rules. Masks & sanitiser will be provided. In view of recent global events there is no better time to learn Reiki! 

Reiki is a transformative holistic healing therapy which accelerates healing on all levels - physically, emotionally and spiritually. It brings a level of peace, reconciliation and light I have personally not found elsewhere. 


It is an extremely exciting time for Reiki practitioners - the work of Torsten A Lange has given us insight into the proven positive effects of Reiki on water. Reiki is increasingly used in the NHS where patient recovery times are seen to lessen dramatically. It is no longer a complementary therapy which can be ignored or dismissed; it is powerful, life changing and so important in these chaotic times.

My own Reiki lineage encompasses both the Eastern tradition and the Western tradition, which in turn becomes the inheritance of my students. In addition to Reiki Mastership and running my own professional practice, I have undertaken the study of ReikiScience which goes deeper into the tangible scientific findings of Torsten A Lange, and have studied under his guidance as well as co-taught at the Reiki Academy.

After working with people from all walks of life, with all sorts of reasons for seeking help, I have placed my trust in Reiki wholeheartedly; I have seen people transform from feelings of despair and hopelessness to the successes of finding meaning, balance, emotional freedom and symbolic sight. I have seen deep healing beyond measure. 

I am so pleased to be able to offer Reiki attunements and guide others onto a path of becoming light workers. I prefer to keep Reiki as close to the traditional Usui Reiki teachings as possible. I do find that Reiki is an opening, a gateway of sorts. Life tends to change in the most beautiful sense after becoming attuned; you will be able to self heal and use Reiki to hold space for the transformation of others. 

I feel it is important to stick as close to the original teachings of Usui Reiki as possible. Inevitably your practice may evolve. 

I understand the journey can very much be about healing layers of self doubt and deeply implanted self limitations, it can be about learning to trust your intuition - as a psychic medium having also taken this difficult path I am committed to pastoral care and mentoring.

It is advisable to leave some time between Reiki 1 and Reiki 2. There is a 21 day clearing process after each course where you will shed old layers of being. You will have been equipped with healing hands, please do practice on yourself and others frequently to deepen your understanding of Reiki and immerse yourself in this beautiful new way to filter light into all areas of your life.