The Reiki & Rocks Story


Alex de Angelis is a London based Reiki Master & Teacher, holistic therapist, oracular & ancestral channel and writer with energy medicine, self-integration & reconnection to nature at the heart of her work. She is a co-founder of The Academy of Healing Arts, London.


She’s a certified Reiki Master/Teacher with both Usui Shiki Ryoho (Western style Reiki) and Usui Reiki Ryoho (Eastern style Reiki) lineage. She also offers other various healing & guidance techniques including Emotional Freedom Technique (emotional alchemy!), Sound Therapy, Past Life Healing & divination using runes.

Alex has found herself working on a deeply spiritual & animistic level; she is following an ancestral calling to practice seidr and galdr, shamanic practices from the Nordic tradition, under the guidance of renowned teacher, mythologist and wisdom keeper Andreas Kornevall. This has led her to become an oracular & ancestral channel with accurate information coming to light. 


Aside from this, Alex runs group healing events, transformational self development programs & offers intuitive development workshops & readings by casting the runes, an oracle she’s been working with for 22 years. She has furthered her psychic and intuitive gifts under the guidance of psychic medium and teacher, Nicky Huntingford, Reiki Master and author Torsten A Lange and by partaking studies at the College of Psychic Studies. She is also a feature writer in Witches Magazine, a contributor towards the WanderlustGB wellbeing journal and an in-house healer and group ceremonialist at the Mandrake Hotel.  


Her mission is to hold space for others so they feel held, heard, loved and healed on a deep soul level. Using her strong sense of intuition, symbolic sight & healing hands she is able to enhance the lives of others and for that she is eternally grateful.


Alex has always felt the calling to do healing work. Following a turbulent period of time in her personal life after a lifetime of inadvertantly working with spirit, she discovered the power of energy healing & knew that she too wanted to offer valuable transformative therapies. Her mission is to empower others to find their inner voice, their truth & ultimately emotional freedom. She has special interest in breakthrough & release, grief, access & exploration of the subconscious realms, shadow integration, empowerment, removing attachment to the root cause of behaviour, pregnancy, birth transition & postpartum work. 

With a true calling to help others she uses gentle yet effective ways of doing so & answers a collective call for a more profound way to heal & reconnect. She is firmly community spirited, volunteers in her community & holds group healing events, believing that healing & well-being is a collective effort. She is also an artist and is happiest with paint on her hands. 

She is based in Kensington, London, is fully certified, insured and DBS checked.

Healing in London