The Reiki & Rocks Story


Alex de Angelis is a London based healer and writer. Her mission is to hold a safe space for others so they feel held, heard and whole on all levels of their being; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Using her sense of symbolic sight & healing hands she is able to enhance the lives of others and for that she's eternally grateful.


Alex is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher with both Usui Shiki Ryoho (Western style Reiki) and Usui Reiki Ryoho (Eastern style Reiki) lineage. She is a member of the Reiki Federation and the Reiki Academy London, where she also began her Reiki teaching career. Aside from Reiki, Alex also offers other holistic healing techniques (Emotional Freedom Technique (emotional alchemy!) & Sound Therapy) & guidance medicine by casting the runes, an oracle she’s been working with for well over two decades.

As a culmination of a lifetime's work with this ancient oracle, Alex has deepened her healing work by following a call to practice Seidr, the shamanic tradition of Northern Europe, under the guidance of renowned teacher, mythologist and wisdom keeper Andreas Kornevall. 

She has furthered her psychic and intuitive gifts under the guidance of psychic medium and teacher, Nicky Huntingford, Reiki Master and author Torsten A Lange and by partaking in studies at the College of Psychic Studies.


She is also a feature writer in Witches Magazine, a contributor towards the WanderlustGB wellbeing journal & Saiki Zine, and an in-house healer and group ceremonialist at the Mandrake Hotel.  (Click here to read published articles)


Alex has always felt the calling to help others; she uses gentle yet effective modalities which answer a collective call for a more profound way to heal & reconnect to the world. Following a turbulent period of time in her personal life where nothing was able to help sooth her emotional pain, she discovered the transformative power of energy healing. She has special interest in breakthrough & reconciliation, grief, shadow integration, getting to the root cause of a problem, pregnancy, birth transition & postpartum work. 

Alex has been volunteering in her local community for several years, running baby & toddler groups, fundraising for local schools or serving refreshments & cheer in community spaces, believing that healing & well-being is a communal effort. As a natural creative, she is happiest with paint on her hands. 

Healing in London