Do you want to be living your best life but cannot quite do whatever it is you think you should be doing?

Are you feeling a little lost, in need of healing or lacking clarity & direction? 

Break free from self limiting beliefs & blockages, heal & call in your life purpose in this 4 week transformational program! 

This year has not been easy; the global pandemic has changed the way we live and work. It has forced us to go within and reassess absolutely everything. We are faced with questions. Is this really what I want to be doing? is this who I want to be? This is THE perfect time to step into our truth, to shed the old and make space not only for a new season but for a new chapter of our lives.There is no better opportunity for a positive change in direction than right now. 

My next 4 week transformational program starts on 1st Sept 2020 where we'll gather virtually each week to work through those blockages using EFT tapping, clarify our goals & manifest our dreams using the Law of Attraction, while being supported individually with 1:1 Reiki healing & mentoring through the journey. 
Our final group session will be held on the evening of Monday 21st December (Winter Solstice), where we'll celebrate the turning of the wheel, a return to the light & a whole new you!

WEEK 1: Identify Resistance & Release Blockages:

Live session at 7pm on 30/11; guided EFT tapping, using it to release obvious obstacles, self care & self soothing tools.

'Homework' Daily EFT & journaling plus individual distance Reiki sessions to facilitate change. 

WEEK 2: Life Purpose.

Live session at 7pm on 07/12; Clarifying goals, exploring a new direction, introduction to the Law of Attraction. Self healing tips. 

'Homework' journaling, identifying resistance around goals, practising belief. 

WEEK 3: Manifestation = Action!

Live session at 7pm on 14/12; How to take action on your goals. Working towards goals & group support. More self soothing practices for your wellbeing toolkit. 

'Homework' journaling, taking action, affirmations, visualisation plus 1:1 mentoring phone calls throughout the week. 

WEEK 4: Winter Solstice Ceremony 

Live session at 7pm on 21/12; Gratitude, sharing, ceremonial sound bath, welcoming a return to light & a new you.

1:1 feedback calls & follow up. 

This incredible offering is open to all. Full itinerary will be sent to your inbox upon booking. This is a gentle journey of self discovery, physical, emotional & spiritual development & real positive change. I can't wait to welcome you! This is going to be incredible.

All live sessions will be recorded and available to watch back. Class size limited.  BOOK YOUR SPACE HERE.


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