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If you are looking for an investment into your wellbeing and want to mark a new chapter of your life this experience is it! This 3 hour immersive experience will leave you feeling accomplished, empowered and connected. It's a mini retreat for the soul.

We'll set our intentions for the journey and walk mindfully across the terrain. We'll gather nature's offerings to make a mandala honouring the seasons of life. We'll seek out herds of deer and pause of a cup of heartwarming cacao and a nutritious snack. The experience also includes a healing woodland Reiki or EFT tapping session. Tree hugging and barefoot walking (grounding) may be involved!

This is an opportunity to mark a new chapter of your life or heal from something you've been holding onto with the help of energy medicine and Mother Nature.

The Urban Wilds Soul Retreat is for individuals or pairs. Please bring warm weather proof clothing, yoga or pilates mat, walking boots / shoes, a bottle of water and an open heart. 

You can book online on the bookings page - please let me know if you have any questions. 

*Weekdays only from 10am - 1pm//Meeting point Richmond Station* 

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